A note from Chef Scott —

"Our big drivers when it comes to food are simple...


Actively support producers whose business practices and philosphies are in accordance with nature... no behind the scenes funny business with DNA, chemicals, toxins, pollutants or poor animal husbandry practices. Allow food to mark the seasons and enjoy what mother nature intended us to eat throughout the year. Buy the best each season, whether sourcing near or far - truffles from Alba, Italy, crab from Dutch Harbor, Alaska, salmon from the Columbia River - and from there rely on top local farmers and fishermen as the heart of our day to day menu - locally harvested sea salt, amazing dairy, fruits and veggies and land proteins. 

Like we said, its simple... Source the best, do very little in the way of preparation so that what is showcased is its inherent quality. Serve sensibly sized portions, practice total utilization and follow the natural cycle of nature."


The Team —